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Paper Moon Shiners

There is a spiritual space between the desire to live a full life and the awareness the devil is always looming. If that space were a location, it would run right through a speakeasy. The lights would be low, libations aplenty, and the music would be as natural and effortless as sweat on a hot delta night.

Comprised of multi-instrumentalist Frank Meyer and vocalist Elena Antinelli, Paper Moon Shiners create that very sound. The Austin, TX band write and perform well-crafted roots, ragtime, early jazz, blues and folk music that is a clear balance of wit, depth and spirit.

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The duo’s songs range in subject from the Greek lessons of King Midas to the graveness of realizing one’s mortality in “Everybody’s Leaving.” In every song the instrumentation compliments the lyrics flawlessly. Sparse, jaunty percussion using trashcans, a megaphone and a suitcase, brings vaudevillian humor to the mix. Even P.T. Barnum would have fallen for “Cap Gun Dory.” “Black Widow Spider” groans like a steam engine with a southern drawl. Paper Moon Shiners’ vintage sound and vaguely unsettling characters have the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of an Edward Gorey pen and ink drawing.

Elena Antinelli and Frank Meyer complement each other perfectly, thread full of emotion, devotion and love for the music of the 20’s and 30’s. Pleasantly minimal orchestration on their debut release leaves lots of space for the fascinating, confident and grounded voice of Antinelli. Musical Gems

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Moon Shiners at the Saxon Pub, Austin, TX

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