Artist: Sam Baker
Sam Baker

Texas Singer Songwriter Sam Baker. Sam is an exceptional Songwriter and an exceptional person. He paints musical portraits of everyday people with simple words and soul touching melodies. Funny, unassuming and charismatic Sam has been our most requested performer the last few years. Sam garnered national attention when he was interviewed on “Fresh Air” on NPR.

Artist Website

Sam Baker is a man of few words. Always beautifully chosen, and fully wrought. Words placed like plants and objects in a Zen Garden. His website is stark: white, black, sepia, and shades of gray. Baker turned inward, to relearn the use of his body and brain after a Peruvian train bombing almost killed him in 1986. It’s taken years to heal. Time to reconnect. The road back was arduous, but it opened up new vistas in art, poetry, and music.

Such a Beautiful Light by Sam Baker

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