Chuck Dunlap Upcoming House Concert Sunday May 6th

Chuck Dunlap Upcoming House Concert

Hi Folks,

Chuck Dunlap in fieldOur last concert of the Spring is Sunday May 6th . We will proudly present Oklahoma’s own Chuck Dunlap. Dunlap is a pioneer of the red dirt music scene in Stillwater Oklahoma. As an acoustic guitar playing singer-songwriter he has spread his music from New Orleans to Alaska.  An icon in Oklahoma music scene Chuck has opened for greats such as Emmy Lou Harris, Leo Kottke, Johnny Lee Hooker, and Levon Helm. Hopefully fiddle playing legion Randy Crouch will be accompanying Chuck.

Chuck won the Woody Guthrie songwriting contest with his song “Drop of Stillwater”. In 2009 his swinging song “My Baby”  was used on TNT’s “Saving Grace”  also the  Outdoor Network’ used the  “Red Dirt Shoes” on Wild Alaska. A blend of folk and blues with some red dirt thrown in best describes the music, although the music with the High Desert Riders and teaming up with Scott Carson has blended even more genres into his music.

His most recent accolade came when his song “The Peoples Plea” was re-written and re-purposed to be used as a PSA for healthcare in Oklahoma. Along with a video of over 50 other musicians that participated in the project, “Stand (and let your voice be heard)” was released on youtube in the spring of 2014.

Listen to the sounds by Chuck Dunlap

Opening the show is Fayetteville’s Willi Carlise. Carlisle is, according to The Washington Post, “powerful…both down-home and brainy.” With years of collecting folklore, playing or calling square dances, and working in the avant-garde, Willi Carlisle Goehring is a multi-faceted writer, performer, and instrumentalist.

The doors at 17 Elk Street open at 5pm for a meet and Greet potluck and the music starts at 6pm.